Utah Bird Report for 5/26/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

Black-bellied Plover Davis Co.
Sanderling Davis Co.
Red-necked Phalarope Davis Co.
VAUX'S SWIFT Box Elder Co.
Lewis's Woodpecker Box Elder Co.
Eastern Kingbird Box Elder Co., Salt Lake Co., Utah Co.
Winter Wren Cache Co.
Gray Catbird Salt Lake Co.
Northern Waterthrush Box Elder Co., Juab Co., Uinta Co.
Grasshopper Sparrow Cache Co., Davis Co.
Bobolink Utah Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


An apparent MAGNIFICENT FRIGATEBIRD was seen at Minersville Reservoir on Wednesday, 05/26. The juvenile-plumaged bird was seen along the south shore, about 1/4 mile east of the state park boat dock, in an area of flooded cottonwoods (BWo). If verified, this will be the first record of frigatebird in Utah.

BOX ELDER COUNTY Three VAUX'S SWIFTS were seen flying over the campground at Willard Bay SP on Monday, 05/17 (KE,JR).

A BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER was seen at Lucin, west of the Great Salt Lake, between Thursday, 05/20 and Saturday, 05/22 (KE). Lucin is about 40 miles north of Wendover.

Other birds seen at Lucin from Thursday, 05/02 to Saturday, 05/22 included LEWIS'S WOODPECKER, EASTERN KINGBIRD and NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (KE).

Another EASTERN KINGBIRD was seen on Forest Street, west of Brigham City, on Sunday, 05/23. The bird was about one mile west of I-15, just east of where the road bends south (M&MSm).

CACHE COUNTY The HUDSONIAN GODWIT, which was seen along the Amalga Barrens road in northern Cache Valley on Wednesday, 05/19, was seen again on Friday, 05/21 and Saturday, 05/22 (m.obs.) On those days, it was seen in the barrens, which is private property, and is open to birders only by prior permission. Birders may want to look for the godwit along the road. The barrens road is 7000 North in Amalga.

Also in the area of the Amalga Barrens road, a WHIMBREL was seen on Wednesday, 05/19 (RR).

Two GRASSHOPPER SPARROWS were seen in a field northwest of Clarkston on Saturday, 05/22 (KA,NA,LL,DW).

WINTER WRENS have returned to High Creek Canyon, east of Richmond. One was seen there on Saturday, 05/22 (RR). Winter Wrens apparently nested there last year.

DAVIS COUNTY A GRASSHOPPER SPARROW was heard singing in a weedy area just north of the Egg Island view point at Farmington Bay WMA on Sunday, 05/23 (R&SM,MS).

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS and numerous RED-NECKED PHALAROPES were seen in the shallow pond north of Egg Island at Farmington Bay WMA on Friday, 05/21 (GW) and on Sunday, 05/23 (R&SM,MS).

Many SANDERLINGS were seen scattered all along both sides of the Antelope Island Causeway on Sunday, 05/23, and several BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS were on the flats south of the entrance to the causeway (R&SM,MS).

DUCHESNE COUNTY A breeding-plumaged RED-NECKED GREBE was seen on the sewage lagoons at Duchesne on Sunday, 05/23 (B&GB). It was seen again on Tuesday, 05/25 (MS,DW). Both times, the bird was on the second pond from the eastern side of the sewage lagoon complex, which is located on the north side of US 40 on the east edge of town. There are only two accepted records of Red-necked Grebe in Utah prior to this sighting.

JUAB COUNTY An OVENBIRD was caught in a mist net at Fish Springs NWR on Monday, 05/24 (JBa).

A NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was seen at the picnic area at Fish Springs NWR on Monday, 05/24 (TN).

MILLARD COUNTY A TENNESSEE WARBLER was seen in the trees at the entrance to the Kaufman Ranch, north of Milford, on Wednesday, 05/26 (TS).

A male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was seen in a yard in Oak City, all day on Saturday, 05/22 (DA).

SALT LAKE COUNTY A male ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK was seen visiting a feeder near Silver Fork Lodge in Big Cottonwood Canyon on Saturday and Sunday, 05/22 and 05/23 (J&NL).

An EASTERN KINGBIRD was seen northwest of 3300 North and 3200 West in Salt Lake City on Sunday, 05/23 (BW).

In Tanner Park, a GRAY CATBIRD was seen on Sunday, 05/23, about 100 yards east of the bridge (AR).

UINTA COUNTY A NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was also seen at the campground at Steinaker on Saturday, 05/22 (B&GB).

UTAH COUNTY Two BOBOLINKS were seen along the unpaved portion of Center Street north of Goshen on Wednesday, 05/26 (RS).

An EASTERN KINGBIRD was seen at Swede Lane, west of Springville, on Thursday, 05/20 (CP).

A pair of EASTERN KINGBIRDS was seen at the north end of 4000 West in Lakeshore on Saturday, 05/22 and Tuesday, 05/25 (BM).

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Wednesday, May 26, 1999.

Observers: DA=David Allan; KA=Keith Archibald; NA=Nora Avila; JBa=Jay Banta; B&GB=Bob & Georgine Bond; KE=Keith Evans; J&NL=Jeff & Nancy Larson; LL=Laura Lockhart; BM=Brian Maxfield; R&SM=Robert & Susan Moran (of MA); TN=Tom Neuman; CP=Christian Peay; JR=Jack Rensel; AR=Alan Rogers; RR=Ron Ryel; TS=Terry Sadler; M&MSm=Margaret & Mike Smith; MS=Mark Stackhouse; RS=Reed Stone; BW=Bob Walters; GW=Glen Warchol; DW=David Wheeler; BWo=Brian Wood

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