Utah Bird Report for 3/6/99
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

American White Pelican Box Elder Co.
Snow Goose Box Elder Co., Cache Co., Utah Co.
Ross' Goose Salt Lake Co.
Peregrine Falcon Davis Co., Utah Co.
Sandhill Crane Wasatch Co.
Greater Yellowlegs Box Elder Co.
Spotted Sandpiper Wasatch Co.
Herring Gull Washington Co.
Thayer's Gull Box Elder Co., Salt Lake Co.
Northern Pygmy-Owl Salt Lake Co.
Long-eared Owl Utah Co.
Saw-whet Owl Millard Co.
Say's Phoebe Salt Lake Co.
Winter Wren Millard Co., Salt Lake Co.
Hermit Thrush Salt Lake Co.
Bohemian Waxwing Wasatch Co., Weber Co.
Orange-crowned Warbler Utah Co.
American Tree Sparrow Utah Co.
Harris' Sparrow Morgan Co., Salt Lake Co.
Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch Wasatch Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


Along the east side of the auto-tour loop at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (BRMBR), at a point where the mudflats have many dead carp, 1st- and 2nd-winter GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULLS, a 2nd-winter GLAUCOUS GULL, and an adult THAYERS GULL were seen on Wednesday, 03/03 (C&SA).

Other birds seen at BRMBR included 9 GREATER YELLOWLEGS and 100 or more AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS, seen on Wednesday, 03/03 (C&SA). Several hundred SNOW GEESE were seen at the refuge on Sunday, 02/28 (CR). The Snow Geese were visible from the south side of the auto-tour loop, on the far side of the pond to the north of the road.

CACHE COUNTY A WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen grazing with a SNOW GOOSE and several Canada Geese in a field on the north side of Airport Rd., about 1 mile west of the Logan-Cache Airport on Monday, 03/01. It was seen again in the same location on Wednesday, 03/03, and Thursday, 03/04. Midday seems to be the best time to see this bird (RR).

A SNOW GOOSE was seen at the oxbow on the Bear River, north of Benson in Cache Valley, on Saturday, 02/27 (KA,BA,JB).

DAVIS COUNTY A PEREGRINE FALCON was seen near the entrance to the Antelope Island Causeway on Saturday, 02/27 (J&KB).

MILLARD COUNTY Along Oak Creek, above Oak City near Delta, a SAW-WHET OWL was heard calling almost all night long on Thursday, 02/25. The bird was about three-tenths of a mile below the campground. A WINTER WREN was seen along the creek about a mile above the locked gate on the same day (TS).

MORGAN COUNTY The HARRIS' SPARROW, which has been coming to the feeder at the Morgan Wastewater Treatment Plant, continues to visit as of Sunday, 02/28 (AS).

SALT LAKE COUNTY The HARRIS' SPARROW, which was seen at the ponds across from the Federal Express building at the Salt Lake International Airport on 02/20, was seen again at the same place on Sunday, 02/28 (J&KB).

A second-winter THAYER'S GULL was seen about one mile east of Saltair on Friday, 03/05 (MS). At Saltair, a SAY'S PHOEBE was seen on Sunday, 02/28 (J&KB).

The ROSS' GOOSE at the International Center, west of the Salt Lake International Airport, was still there on Friday, 03/05 (MS). The bird is on the pond behind the Hilton Hotel.

In City Creek Canyon, two WINTER WRENS were seen and heard singing on Wednesday, 03/03. The birds were near picnic areas 5 and 6. On the same day, a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was seen and heard calling at about 9:45 am, about 1 1/4 mile up the canyon (MS).

In Memory Grove, a HERMIT THRUSH was seen on the dirt path beyond the pond on Saturday, 02/27 (JN).

UTAH COUNTY A SWAMP SPARROW was seen at the Lindon Sewage Treatment Plant on Sunday, 02/28 (CC,DG,JVM). It was seen on the west side of the ponds.

The FIELD SPARROW which has been at the Lindon Boat Harbor since 01/09, continues to be seen. It was reported on Saturday, 02/27 (CC,DG,JVM), and on Tuesday, 03/02 (LLu). The bird was in the marshy area south of the gate on Saturday, and was in the trees across the field southeast of the gate on Tuesday. Both times it was with AMERICAN TREE SPARROWS.

An ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was seen at Anderson Park in Pleasant Grove on Saturday, 02/27 (TR).

A SNOW GOOSE was seen at the East Bay Golf Course on Sunday, 02/28 (CC,DG,JVM).

At Warm Springs WMA, two LONG-EARED OWLS were found roosting in the Russian Olives, and a PEREGRINE FALCON was seen flying overhead on Sunday, 02/28 (RJA).

WASATCH COUNTY Two SANDHILL CRANES were seen in a field along River Road north of Midway on Friday, 02/26 (EH,SS), and again on Sunday, 02/28 (LL,MS,DW).

At a feeder in Midway, about 300 GRAY-CROWNED ROSY-FINCHES were seen on Friday, 02/26, and about 25 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were in the same area (EH,SS).

A SPOTTED SANDPIPER was seen at Deer Creek Reservoir, on the mudflat near the Charleston turn-off, on Sunday, 02/28 (LL,MS,DW).

WASHINGTON COUNTY A GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was found along the Virgin River Parkway, about halfway between the Santa Clara River mouth and Bloomington, on Tuesday, 02/23 (AS). It was near where one was found on the St. George CBC in December.

A second-winter HERRING GULL was seen at Quail Creek Reservoir on Friday, 02/26 (JK).

WEBER COUNTY Nine BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were seen in a yard in North Ogden on Thursday, 03/04 (MS).

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Saturday, March 6, 1999.

Observers: RJA=R. J. Adams; C&SA=Cal & Sharon Andrus; KA=Keith Archibald; BA=Bob Atwood; JB=Jared Barnes; J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer; CC=Calleen Cox; DG=Dana Green; EH=Eric Huish; JK=Josh Kreitzer; LLu=Letitia Lussier; LL=Laura Lockhart; JN=Joann Natrup (of IL); CR=Cal Robbins; TR=Tuula Rose; RR=Ron Ryel; TS=Terry Sadler; AS=Arnold Smith; SS=Stan Smith; MSo=Mort Somer; MS=Mark Stackhouse; JVM=Julie VanMoorhem; DW=David Wheeler;

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