Utah Bird Report for 12/25/98
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

White-faced Ibis Box Elder Co.
ROSS' GOOSE Salt Lake Co.
Greater Scaup Salt Lake Co.
White-winged Scoter Davis Co.
Red-breasted Merganser Salt Lake Co.
Northern Goshawk Davis Co.
Merlin Salt Lake Co.
Marbled Godwit Box Elder Co.
Long-billed Dowitcher Utah Co.
Red-necked Phalarope Davis Co.
Northern Pygmy-Owl Salt Lake Co.
Saw-whet Owl Utah Co.
Winter Wren Davis Co., Salt Lake Co., Weber Co.
Hermit Thrush Salt Lake Co.
HARRIS' SPARROW Davis Co., Salt Lake Co., Weber Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse



15 MARBLED GODWITS and a few WHITE-FACED IBIS still lingered at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge on Friday, 12/18 (CW).

DAVIS COUNTY A HARRIS' SPARROW was seen during the Salt Lake City Christmas Bird Count (CBC) on Sunday, 12/20. The bird was on the west side of Redwood Road just south of the Skypark Airport in West Bountiful (AG,MS,LW).

Also on the Salt Lake City CBC, on Sunday, 12/20, an adult NORTHERN GOSHAWK and a WINTER WREN were seen at Mueller Park in Bountiful (AG,MS,LW).

Along the Antelope Island Causeway, a WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was seen on Sunday, 12/20 (SR), and a RED-NECKED PHALAROPE was seen on Saturday, 12/19 at mile marker 2 (CW).

IRON COUNTY A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was seen in Cedar Valley, west of Cedar City, on Saturday, 12/19. The bird was seen at the intersection of 4100 West and 2800 North, west of the Lund Highway (P&SS).

SALT LAKE COUNTY A ROSS' GOOSE was seen on the Salt Lake City CBC, on Sunday, 12/20, at the International Center west of the Salt Lake International Airport. The bird was in the pond behind the Airport Hilton Hotel, in amongst numerous Mallards and domestic geese (AG,MS,LW).

A HARRIS' SPARROW was seen in Dimple Dell Park on Thursday, 12/24. The bird was in the brush near the park entrance at 1300 East (KB).

Also at Dimple Dell park, 2 HERMIT THRUSHES were seen on Tuesday, 12/22, near the 1300 East Entrance (KB).

Two HERMIT THRUSHES were also seen in Parley's Gulch, near Tanner Park, on Thursday, 12/24 (ND).

On the pond at Wingpointe Golf Course at the Salt Lake International Airport, a female RED-BREASTED MERGANSER and 3 GREATER SCAUP were seen during the Salt Lake City CBC on Sunday, 12/20 (AG,MS,LW).

In City Creek Canyon, a NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was heard at picnic area 12 on the Salt Lake City CBC, on Sunday, 12/20 (AG,C&TN,MS,LW), and another pygmy-owl was seen just above the 2 mile marker on Monday, 12/21 (SR,MS). A WINTER WREN was seen on the CBC on Sunday, 12/20 at picnic area 6 (MV), and another was seen at picnic area 12 on Monday, 12/21 (SR,MS).

A MERLIN was seen at 659 South Redwood Road on Monday, 12/21 (WH).

UTAH COUNTY A LAPLAND LONGSPUR was seen along S.R. 68 (Redwood Rd.) west of Utah Lake on Thursday, 12/24. The bird was in a flock of Horned Larks about 1/4 mile north of the Mosida Ranch (SH).

On the Provo CBC, on Saturday, 12/19, a GREEN HERON was seen at the Oxbow section of the Provo River, about 1 mile upstream from the mouth, a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW was seen just north of the Orem Cemetary, a SAW-WHET OWL was seen at Paul Ream Park on the Provo River, and a late LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER was found at the East Bay Golf Course (MW).

WEBER COUNTY A VARIED THRUSH was found during the Ogden CBC on Saturday, 12/19, coming to a feeder at 1300 East and 5375 South in South Ogden (BB,BF,JR).

The HARRIS' SPARROW which has been coming to a feeder at the Ogden Nature Center, was found for the Ogden CBC on Saturday, 12/19. A WINTER WREN was also seen at the Nature Center (JB). To get to the center, take the 12th Street exit from I-15 and go one-half mile east.

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Friday, December 25, 1998.

Observers: JB=John Bellmon; KB=Kenneth Berhens; BB=Bob Brodestein; ND=Nathan Darnall; BF=Bill Fenimore; AG=Alan Godwin (now of KS, bye, and good birding Alan!); SH=Sue Hinde; WH=Wade Hoffman; SR=Sue Reehm (of KY); JR=Jack Rensel; MS=Mark Stackhouse; P&SS=Priscilla & Steve Summers; MV=Martha Veranth; MW=Merrill Webb; CW=Cliff Weisse; LW=Larene Wyss

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