Utah Bird Report for 12/16/98
Submitted by Mark Stackhouse (westwings@sisna.com) to the bird net

Birds mentioned

White-faced Ibis Box Elder Co.
Wood Duck Weber Co.
Barrow's Goldeneye Box Elder Co., Wasatch Co.
Hooded Merganser Millard Co., Wasatch Co.
Bald Eagle Sanpete Co.
Ferruginous Hawk Sanpete Co.
Golden Eagle Sanpete Co.
Prairie Falcon Utah Co.
Marbled Godwit Box Elder Co.
Common Snipe Wasatch Co.
Lewis' Woodpecker Weber Co.
Northern Shrike Sanpete Co., Wasatch Co.
BLUE JAY Weber Co.
Common Bushtit Wasatch Co.
Winter Wren Wasatch Co.
Hermit Thrush Utah Co.
Orange-crowned Warbler Utah Co.
Evening Grosbeak Wasatch Co.


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Compiler: Mark Stackhouse
Transcriber: Mark Stackhouse


An apparent ICELAND GULL was seen at Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge (BRMBR) on Monday, 12/14. The bird appeared to be in second-winter plumage, and was seen about one-half mile west of the western-most bridge on the south side of the auto tour loop (TS). This is the second report of an Iceland Gull in Utah, the first coming last winter, also from BRMBR.

Also at BRMBR, a large flock of MARBLED GODWITS were seen at the northwest corner of the auto tour loop on Monday, 12/14, and a few late WHITE-FACED IBIS were on the ice at the refuge on the same day (TS). More than 20 ibis were reported from the refuge on Tuesday, 12/08 (C&SA).

On Tuesday, 12/08, BARROW'S GOLENEYES were seen at Mantua Reservoir and at Mayor's Pond (C&AS). Mayor's Pond is on 200 South on the eastern side of Brigham City at the mouth of Box Elder Canyon.

MILLARD COUNTY A HOODED MERGANSER was seen at Gunnison Bend Reservoir in Delta on Tuesday, 12/15 (WM).

SANPETE COUNTY A trip through the Sanpete Valley towns of Mt. Pleasant, Spring City, and Fountain Green on Thursday, 12/10, produced sightings of BALD and GOLDEN EAGLES, a FERRUGINOUS HAWK and a NORTHERN SHRIKE (LC).

UTAH COUNTY A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW has been a regular visitor at a feeder in Provo since Thursday, 12/10 (MM). The bird appears to visit more regularly during cold and snowy weather. Birders should call Milton Moody at 373-2795 for the latest information on seeing this bird.

Birds seen along the northeastern shore of Utah Lake on Sunday, 12/13, included an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER and a HERMIT THRUSH at the American Fork marina, another ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER at the Lindon marina, and a PRAIRIE FALCON near Vineyard (DG,JVM).

WASATCH COUNTY The apparent RED-NECKED GREBE, first seen at Deer Creek reservoir on Tuesday, 12/08 (SC), was seen again on Thursday, 12/10 (K&JB). Since then, efforts by numerous birders to find the bird have been unsuccessful.

Other birds reported from Deer Creek Reservoir include two BARROW'S GOLDENEYES seen near Snow's Marina on Sunday, 12/13 (DS), a female HOODED MERGANSER seen near the eastern-most picnic area, and at least 16 COMMON SNIPE seen feeding dowitcher-style on the mudflats near the junction of Highway 189 and the Midway-Charleston Road on Saturday 12/12 (MS, many obs.).

A NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen where the Provo River enters Deer Creek Reservoir on Friday, 12/11 (MM,CP,TR), and another NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen on Saturday, 12/12 near the Wallsburg arm of the reservoir (MS, many obs.).

A flock of COMMON BUSHTITS was seen in the brush near the main state-park boat ramp at Deer Creek Reservoir on Saturday, 12/12 (MS, many obs.).
At the Bureau of Reclamation (BoRec) mitigation area below Jordanelle Dam, a WINTER WREN was seen along the gravel road about halfway between the north and south gates on Friday, 12/11 (AM).

EVENING GROSBEAKS were reported from two locations in Heber Valley on Friday, 12/11. Several were seen at the Midway Fish Hatchery (MM,CP,TR), and a flock of at least 75 was seen just south of the north gate at the BoRec mitigation area (AM).

WEBER COUNTY The BLUE JAYS, which were visiting a feeder in Pleasant View this fall, have returned after a three-week absence. They were present on both Saturday, 12/12 and Sunday, 12/13. To get there, take 900 West in Pleasant View north until you pass through a gate. The feeders are at the first house of the left after the gate. A HARRIS' SPARROW was visiting the same feeders on Saturday, 12/12, and LEWIS' WOODPECKERS continue to be seen in the trees at the gate on 900 West (IP).

Another HARRIS' SPARROW was seen coming to a feeder at the Ogden Nature Center on Thursday, 12/10 (KE,JR). To get to the center, take the 12th Street exit from I-15 and go one-half mile east.

Five WOOD DUCKS were seen on the Ogden River at the West Haven Parkway on Wednesday, 12/09 (C&SA). To get there, take the 21st Street exit from I-15, and go through the water park parking area on the east side of the freeway until you reach the parkway along the river.

This concludes the Utah Bird Report for Wednesday, December 16, 1998.

Observers: C&SA=Cal & Sharon Andrus; J&KB=Joel & Kathy Beyer; SC=Steve Carr; LC=Lois Clark; KE=Kieth Evans; DG=Dana Green; AM=Alan Miller; WM=Wade Miller; MM=Milton Moody; IP=Ingrid Paine; CP=Christian Peay; JR=Jack Rensel; TR=Tuula Rose; TS=Terry Sadler; DS=Dennis Shirley; MS=Mark Stackhouse; JVM=Julie VanMoorhem

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