Nebo Scenic Loop in the Daytime.

Utah County Birders
 Field Trip Report

Owling Field trip - Nebo Scenic Loop -- 11 July 2019
     by Suzi Holt

In search of these creatures of the night

  Flammulated Owl
by Paul Higgins

Northern Saw-whet Owl
by Eric Huish

Common Poorwill
by Cliff Miles

Western  Screech-Owl
by John Crawley

Thirteen night owls headed out at up the canyon. At the Blackhawk turn off we started calling Flammulated Owls and Northern Saw-whet...the only thing we could hear was a boombox from campers close by. Down the road we went. We stopped at another favorite spot...not just one but two generators were "not" the most welcome sound. The next spot has been a reliable spot for both mountain owls... it was dead quiet!!! I found myself a little discouraged.

Flammie, seen last month in the same area
(near Payson Lakes)     by Suzi Holt

The next stop the wind had picked up, but over the wind we could hear a Flammie!!! Around the corner I noticed there was no wind so we stopped. Success again but only within hearing distance... another no show! Stinkers!

Down the road we went. The next stop we heard a Northern Saw-whet!!! It barked and let us know we were in its territory! He tooted for a bit but another no show. We stopped at the Common Poorwill spot and heard two calling. I saved the best for last.

We enjoyed the begging calls of at least 3 Western Screech Owls. We saw two of them clumsily walking up a branch and haphazardly flying through the maples.

I considered it a successful night! And to boot the night skies and clouds were beautiful! We got home about 1:00 am and I am tired...but would be happy to go out again anytime!!!