Utah Listing Records


  Utah Listing Standards:

           (Adapted from the "ABA Recording Rules")

Because the Utah Birds website does not verify or vet any of the numbers submitted for the "Listing Records" pages, it is up to the individual birders to submit fair and honest numbers.

Here are some suggested standards which you might follow:

  • The bird should have been within the prescribed area and time-period when encountered.
  • The bird should have been a species thought to be plausible for the specific area according to the local checklists.  (Hybrids and introduced species not accepted in the local area, should not be counted).
  • The bird should have been alive, wild, and unrestrained when encountered.
  • Diagnostic field-marks for the bird, sufficient to identify to species, should have been seen and/or heard and/or documented by the recorder at the time of the encounter.
  • The bird should have been encountered under conditions that conform to the Birding Etiquette outlined on the Utah Birds website.

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