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Big Cottonwood birds

Finally got to see some Elephant-head flowers at Silver Lake along with the Red-breasted Nuthatches, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, (sounds like they're saying "yada yada yada"), Yellow-rumped Warblers, 1 Spotted Sandpiper, Lincoln's Sparrows (having a song fest), a Steller's Jay doing the Red-tailed Hawk call (weird, we're looking for a Red-tailed Hawk and here's this jay jumping around in a tree laughing his head off) and also one Red-naped Sapsucker.  Over by the church we heard another woodpecker drumming but couldn't see him. Mother nature has pulled out all the stops... Birds, insects, spiders and wildflowers all seem to be at their peak. Waterfalls all over Little Cottonwood. Just gorgeous at Albion Basin.  What an overload of beauty. Didn't know where to aim the camera. Temperature wasn't bad until noonish...actually still pleasant even then.

Here's the pretty but strange elephant-head flower




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