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Greetings Idaho Birders.

If any of you are planning to travel to Utah to see the Bald Eagles at
Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area in Utah, here is some
information you may find useful.

A link to UDWR info about FBWMA may be found at:
This contains a detailed map of the area (see below) and notices about
what dates and times the various units are open.  Please note that
effective MARCH 1, the Unit 1 dike (aka West Dike) will be closed to
motorized vehicles until SEPTEMBER 25.  Foot and bicycle traffic ONLY is
then allowed out to the Turpin Unit - about 2 miles.  The Turpin Unit is
not open at all to public access from Mar. 1 through July 31 (waterfowl
nesting season).

I saw and photographed a Bewick's Swan on the Turpin Unit last Friday,
about 2.5 miles past the locked gate.  A Ruff has been seen in the marsh
near the Turpin Unit parking lot, but I did not see it last Friday.
There are still literally hundreds of Bald Eagles that may be seen
roosting on the trees to the northeast of Goose Egg Island and feeding
on the rotenone-killed carp near the West Dike of Unit 1.

More info may be had by contacting:
Area Manager, Farmington Bay WMA
515 E. 5300 S.
Ogden, Utah 84405
(801) 451-7386

Secondly, please note that there is heavy road construction work
currently in progress on Glover's Lane just west of I-15 and the road is
currently CLOSED about 650 West.  (I found out the hard way!) To access
FBWMA it is now necessary to exit I-15 at Exit #326.  Follow the signs
for the Davis County fairgrounds and municipal buildings west of I-15.
Proceed west on Clark Lane (100 North) past the fairgrounds to 1525
West.  Turn south on 1525 W and follow it to Glover's Lane (925 South).
Turn left (east) on Glover's Lane and follow it to the entrance road at
1325 W.  This North Entrance to FBWMA is open to motorized vehicles from
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ONLY.  It is LOCKED at other times.  Be careful!

A good map of the Farmington area may be found at:
Search using the keywords "Farmington" and "Utah", then enlarge the
resultant area map by 2 + clicks to see a detailed map.

Good Birding,
Jim McIntyre


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