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Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 21:43:49 -0600
From: Leslie LOEFFEL <>
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Subject: 3-toed woodpeckers

Hello all,

On Thursday morning, August 12, I saw what I believe was a pair of
three-toed woodpeckers at the Monte Cristo Campground (at the top of
Monte Cristo, above Ogden Valley). I've attached a picture of the
female in a compressed and an uncompressed format since the compressed
version is hard to see. The male had a yellow crown and similar barring
on the flanks.

The woodpeckers were working a dead tree on Loop D, near the flush
restrooms (not the outhouse type).

Leslie Loeffel


(This photo has been cropped and lightened up by the webmaster).

Photo by Leslie Loeffel


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