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Common Black Hawk

Here are some photos of a  Common Black Hawk seen at about 10:00 Thursday morning, 16 Sep 2004 near Utah Lake State Park in Utah County.  Although the bird was originally identified as a Zone-tailed Hawk, from the bird in flight, observable in the photos that were taken of the perched bird, are field marks that suggest that this is, instead,  a Common Black Hawk.

Original message on the Birdnet - 16 Sep 2004:

"I saw what I'm pretty sure is a Zone-tailed Hawk (I've got some pictures and some of them show characteristics of a Common Black Hawk, but I this think it's a Zone-tailed -- both are pretty good birds for Utah County). It was about 50 yards downstream from the foot bridge across the Provo river on the south bank of the river in a willow tree. It was on a branch over the river, about 20 feet up. I'll post some pictures soon.. ~ Milt"

E-mail to Chuck LaRue  - 16 Sep 2004:

I had the same thoughts when I was looking at the photos -- had some definite marking that might indicate a Common Black Hawk, however there were a couple of significant looks I got of the hawk that I didn't  capture with my camera. The first time I saw it, it flew right in front of my car, as it was being chased by a male American Kestrel. I had a nice but very quick look at the underside of the wings and the shape and pattern of the tail. The tail was definitely too long for a Common
 Black Hawk and there were a lot of white markings all along the flight feathers of the wings -- the wings were also too narrow to be a common night hawk. I saw the tail shape and pattern again when it hopped about 8 feet to another branch of the tree where I got the photos. I looked at several other field guides (besides the Sibley's which was the first one I consulted) and saw different renditions of the Zone-tailed Hawk that looked more like the bird I saw. Judging from the photos I had some question, but considering the other looks I got, I'm pretty convinced that it was a Zone-tailed Hawk...  ~ Milton Moody


Comments from some Arizona birders suggest that this is a Common Black Hawk. 

Here are some of their comments:


(The bird was perching in a willow tree on the south bank of the Provo River about 50 yards downstream from the foot bridge (blocked to traffic) across the river coming from Utah Lake State Park  -- close to where the river flows into Utah Lake).

Front View - Notice the yellow feet as well as the white tip on the tail with more white showing just under the branch.
Back View - Notice the length of the tail compared to the length of the wings and tertials.
Enlarged and lightened from the above.

Photos by Milt Moody


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