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Chukar in Duchesne County

(Sight Record from Julie Hewitt --  31 May 2016) :

Common_Name: chukar
Date_Obsered: 31 May 2016
Time_Observed: 6:11 p.m.
Length_of_Time_Observed: fifteen minutes
Number_of_Birds: 2
Age_of_Bird: Mature
Sex_of_Bird: male and female
Location: nine mile canyon
County: Duchesne
Distance_to_Bird: 10 ft
Opticall_Equipment: canon digital camera
Weather: Sunny with a few clouds
Light_Conditions: Bright

Size_of_Bird: 13 inches tall
Basic_Shape: quail like
Overall_Pattern: gray
Bill_Type: red

Bird_Description: White head with red beak and a black stripe across eyes and down the side of the throat and then black and white stripes on the wings, with red legs.

Behavior: the female was nervous and began to run away across the ground. The male continued to peck at the ground, then walk a few steps and look at me.

Habitat: High desert in the meadow of a canyon

Description_From: From photo(s) taken at the time of the sighting

Observer: Julie Hewitt

Date_Prepared: 1 June 2016

Photos by Julie Hewitt

Cropped from the original
Cropped from the original
Cropped from the original
Photos by Julie Hewitt   ŠJulie Hewitt

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