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Turkey Vultures, Right on Time!

24 Mar 2014
Bluff, Utah

(E-mail from Linda Richmond --  23 Mar 2014) :

"Fourteen buzzards near Cadillac Ranch, Bluff, Utah on Saturday. Right on time!"

(E-mail from John Hook --  24 Mar 2014) :

"..Great, thanks Linda! My first report was of 5 Vultures circling above the river on March 21 and a single perched in a dead tree, so this is only the second report Iíve heard!"

"FYI for new folks on this list, we noticed 20+ years ago that our soaring Turkey Vulture friends were showing up in the spring with amazing regularity. After a couple of years of calendar statistics I found that our local flock begins to arrive plus or minus about 3 days of March 23 and here they are after a nice winter sunning in Mexico or somewhere! They probably have better tans than we winter dwellers do but now spring is Bluff-icially here J . My imagination tells me this same genetic family of Turkey Vultures has probably returned to the San Juan River since the Ice Ages except that in those days they came back to clean up winter kill camels and mammoth instead of road kill cattle, horses and the occasional deer. Folks may have noticed Vultures near Blanding and Monticello up to a couple weeks ago, but I think this is our own special flock. Welcome Home Thunderbirds!!"

Jim Hook

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