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A Red-shouldered Hawk in Gunlock

12 Jan 2014
Gunlock, Utah

(E-mail from Jean M. Lown --  12 Jan 2014) :

A Red-Shouldered Hawk observed Friday in Gunlock:

Attached are 3 photos of what we finally figured out was an immature Red-shouldered Hawk in Gunlock late Friday afternoon. We spent about 30-45 minutes studying this very accommodating hawk in great light with our scope. Using Sibley and National Geographic guides we finally concluded it was an immature Red-Shouldered after lengthy examination and discussion. Since the maps show Red-shouldered is not common here we decided it needed to show it tails so we encouraged it to fly. The tail convinced us it was Red-shouldered. We've seen them a few times in east and mid-west but we are not familiar with this species.
It was in the field just north of the yellow house (west side of road) at 501 Highway 7 in Gunlock. When it flew it only went a short distance. Thought you might be interested since the maps show it is not common here.

Jean M. Lown, Ph.D.
FCHD Dept., Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-2905

Photos by Jean Lown

Photo cropped  by the webmaster

Photo cropped  by the webmaster

Photo cropped  by the webmaster


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