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Eurasian Wigeons along Skipper Bay Trail

4 Apr 2013
Provo, Utah

(E-mails from Eric Huish, 4 Apr 2013) :

I've noticed in some of the photos in the more recent eBird checklists of the Eurasian Wigeon at Skipper Bay that the wigeon looks like a different bird than the one we saw on our field trip on March 16th. In some of the photos the bird looks like it had a pale cheek rather than a full orange head. I'm wondering if it is possible that this bird could be a Eurasian x American hybrid? If anyone sees it again I would be interested in your thoughts.

Eric Huish
Pleasant Grove, UT

(E-mails from John Crawley, 4 Apr 2013) :


I noticed the same thing. I have some pretty poor pictures (the birds were always a long ways off) and they don't look like the same bird. The second Wigeon even shows some texture in the cheek area which would support a Eurasian x American hybrid. I'll attach the photos below. The first two are the Eurasian that we saw the morning of our field trip, the second two images are of the bird in question.


Photos by John Crawley

Photos by John Crawley

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