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Burrowing Owl South of Saratoga Springs

24 Mar 2013
Saratoga Springs, Utah

(E-mails from Douglas Mead, 24 Mar 2013) :

I was feeling owly this afternoon and took a drive south of Saratoga Springs to check the Burrowing and Short-eared Owl sites I've been watching for two years. The Short-eareds aren't here (yet), but two of the 6 Burrowing Owl sites had a male and female at the mouth of the burrow so they are returning and preparing to nest. I've attached a low-budget hastily-taken picture from my phone of one of the burrows. Two owls are visible in the shot.

Due to the sensitive nature of these burrows I will share their locations if contacted off-list serve.

Douglas Mead
BIONIC about Birds.

Photo by Douglas Mead

Cropped and enlarged by the webmaster

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