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Northern Pygmy-Owl in South Fork Canyon

South Fork
Provo Canyon
28 Jan 2012
Utah County, Utah

(E-mails from Tanner Poe, 28 Jan 2012)

Today Mark Thal and I headed south to try and find the pygmy owl that Eric Huish had reported in South Fork. We parked at the Big Springs parking lot and began looking around. We ran into Jeff Cooper and Eric Huish for a minute who were just passing through. We walked up the road a little ways and it wasn't long before we heard some tooting. Sure enough there was a little guy up in the top of some aspens right across the road from the first house on your left as you head up the road from the parking lot. He was very vocal. After some good looks we were heading back down the road where we found a second owl. He was on a branch right over the road. We watched him for quite some time. He was watching the ground right by the creek for a few minutes and then dove. We heard a squeal and he lifted off with a mouse in his talons. He proceeded to enjoy his lunch in our company. We didn't have the camera with us to catch the feast but got some good post meal shots. We also saw a golden eagle way up on the side of the mountain.
Good birding,
Tanner Poe

E-mails from J. Peter Maughan, 29 Jan 2012)

I went up South Fork Provo Canyon around 1pm today to find the No. Pygmy Owl. My thought was that something so small could never be found again. I drove up past Big Springs parking lot past the first house on the left and that is when I saw the owl as it fell off. I parked in the equestrian parking and scanned the trees with my binoculars. To my surprise I found it eating a field mouse. I hiked up the hill and took a couple pics...not good ones but enough to identify it. I have attached a couple. Thank you everyone who first spotted the owl and provided detailed locations.
Enjoy the wild!
J. Peter Maughan

         First three photos by Tanner Poe and last three by J. Peter Maughan

         Next three photos by J. Peter Maughan

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