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On the Green River near Flaming Gorge

First week in March 2012
Near Flaming Gorge
Daggitt County, Utah

(E-mails from Casey Day, 11 Mar 2012)

Matt Westover, Suzanne Dunken and I spent a few days on the Green River up near Flaming Gorge the first week of March and I thought I would give an account of some of the bird highlights seen.

On the river, CLARK'S NUTCRACKERS and AMERICAN DIPPERS were plentiful. Ducks were also plentiful, as we saw several flocks of COMMON GOLDENEYE, several pairs of COMMON MERGANSERS, and one pair of flyover RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS. Several BALD EAGLES were still around, as well as a pair of GOLDEN EAGLES seen soaring above C Section of the Green. We also found one dead golden eagle on the bank of C Section near Swallow Canyon. Not sure how the eagle died, but it looks like something was feeding on it at some point afterwards. I have attached a picture. Near the end of C Section we spotted one GREAT HORNED OWL tucked away in the canyon wall.

Away from the river around Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area we saw two different flocks of PINYON JAYS, of ~30 birds each, a few MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS, and a small flock of what appeared to be ~15 ROSY-FINCHES foraging near Red Fleet Reservoir. This seemed odd as the elevation here is not particularly high, and the habitat is pinyon-juniper. Does anyone else have records of rosy-finches in p-j communities? The birds were too far away to be sure, but the closest one appeared to be a black rosy-finch.

Also, at Red Canyon Lodge they have a feeder that was servicing a large mixed flock of PINE SISKINS and AMERICAN GOLDFINCHES, with one STELLER'S JAY. There was also a downy or hairy woodpecker off in the distance. Best bird at this location was a small flock of RED CROSSBILLS that were passing through just as we arrived, and got great looks at one that perched at the top of a tree.

I thought we might spot some early swallows or osprey during the trip but they were all absent.

Casey Day

         Photo by Casey Day

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