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Tricolored & Red-winged Blackbird Characteristics?

1 May 2012
Farmington Bay
Davis County, Utah

(E-mails from Ana Vargo, 1 May 2012)

...I went back to Farmington Bay and saw somewhere like 6 different individuals with white on wings. Several of them appear to be a modified Red-winged Blackbird, I can see yellow between red and white. Others I am not so sure about. Several of my photos are out of focus. But I have attached several. What is going on, why so many birds that are modified? Can you please send these to someone who knows tri-colored Blackbirds and red-winged Blackbirds.

Ana Vargo

         Photos by Ana Vargo

When compared to Red-winged Blackbird, Tricolored Blackbirds generally have:
     - bills that are thinner, longer and straighter
     - wings that average narrower
     - no rufous tones on the body
     - more squared off tails rather than rounded
     - more bright red rather than orange-red shoulder patches
     - longer primary projections

   Below is a pictures of a Tricolored Blackbird and below that is one of a Red-winged Blackbird

Above:   Tricolored Blackbird photo taken at Lower Klamath NWR in California by Dave Menke  ŠUSFWS Public Domain
Above:  Red-winged Backbird photo taken in California by Lee Karney  ŠUSFWS Public Domain

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