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Brown-headed Bald Eagle" in Rich County

16 Jan 2012
Rich County, Utah

(E-mails from Dennis Shirley, 16 Jan 2012)

Rich County Raptors

I've attached a photo of a "brown- headed bald eagle" I observed in Rich county last saturday. It's almost an adult,
but not quite - probably one year away. An interesting bird, with it's huge honkin bill. It was one of 43 bald eagles I counted (36 adult, 7 immature). Additionally, I found 12 golden eagles (10 adults, 2 immatures), 14 rough-legged hawks, 4 red-tails, and 1 northern harrier. No falcons, no accipiters - a reflection of very few passerines. Also no owls - not even one snowy - which was the bird I searched two days for.
Dennis Shirley

         Photo by Dennis Shirley

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