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Ibis in Vernal

2 May 2011
Vernal, Utah

(E-mails from Diane Penttila, 2 May 2011)

The following email was sent to me by someone living in Vernal. She saw these ibis in town. I assumed they were white-faced but from looking at the pictures I am not so sure. Any thoughts?

Diane Penttila
Ouray NWR

----- Email from Kandice Searle, Forwarded by Diane Penttila -----

I'm still so surprised that in living here over 28 years and 7.5 years at my current house I had never seen these!
It was a great site to see-and got me pretty excited there for a bit until I realized after talking to you that the flock I saw was most likely just all young/non breeding white faced! Very easy to confuse with the glossy!
The address is 1500 W 2700 S on West side of road as you are headed south...

         Photos by Kandice Searle

Cropped from the picture above

Cropped from the picture above

Enlarged part of the picture above

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