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Boreal Owl in Duchesne County

11 Dec 2011
Skitzy Wildlife Management Area
Southwest of Duchesne in Duchesne County, Utah

(E-mails from Brian Maxfield, 11 Dec 2011)

Today I stumbled upon a BOREAL OWL will out working. I was completely surprised to see a small owl sitting in a pinyon tree along a small road I had just been on minutes before. It was right next to the road and gave me some great looks. I was able to get the video camera out and get a bit of footage. I found in on the Skitzy Wildlife Management Area southwest of Duchesne. Skitzy is pretty remote and is mostly pinyon-juniper with openings created by chaining. The owl was in a small patch of trees left in the middle of a chained area.

         Photo by Bian Maxfield

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