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Purple Sandpiper

28 Nov 2010
Sand Hollow State Park
Washington County, Utah

(E-mails from Steve Somerfeld, 28 Nov 2010)

Rick Fridell just called. He has found what is a probable Purple Sandpiper at Sand Hollow Reservoir. It was in the company of a Dunlin on the sand bar by the dam near the boat ramp. I'm sure Rick will post more details when he gets home.

Steve Sommerfeld

(E-mails from Rick Fridell, 28 Nov 2010)

...This afternoon (11/28), I located an apparent Purple Sandpiper at Sand Hollow State Park, Washington Co., UT. The sandpiper was loosely associated with a Dunlin, foraging on the emergent sand and gravel bar island located below the west dam (viewed from the south end of the large parking lot)...I believe it is a hatch year bird due to the extensive pale edging on the coverts and tertials, but would appreciate any opinions. The sandpiper was present until just before dark. I will check to see if the bird is present in the morning before work and let folks know if it is relocated. Thanks to Steve and Cindy for posting this earlier!..

Rick Fridell
Hurricane, UT

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  Photos by Rick Fridell

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