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Northern Parula

12 May 2010
Provo, Utah

(Clip for an E-mails from Jeff Bilsky, 12 May 2010)

...I stumbled on a presumed Warbler that confused me. Here's what I can tell you. Yellow throat. Clean white from there on down, through to the undertail. Pure white. Not dingy. No streaking. When I saw the head, the eyes appeared to have white arcs above and below. I wasn't able to get a feel for the colors of the head, wings, body. I have theories but none that fit perfectly. I have meetings and work so I can't chase right now. Hopefully it will still be there at 5pm...

(Clip for an E-mails from Eric Huish, 12 May 2010)
Ran to Provo to see the Bilsky's Parula. Jeff Bilsky was still there and pointed it out to me. It looks like a first year female, so on the duller side of parulas. It stayed at the tops of the trees for much of the views but it eventually came down to eye level (after Jeff left) and I was able to see it with the sun at my back and from less then 10 feet away. Got great looks at the green back and yellow lower mandible... The bird was there as of 6:10 pm.

         Photo through binoculars by Jeff Bilski

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