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Neotropic Cormorant

18 Apr 2010
Sandy Urban Fishery
Sandy, Utah

(E-mails from Richard Young, 22 Apr 2010)

...Itís a bit ironic Iíve discovered Neotropic Cormorants along the Salt Lake/ Jordan River corridor on 3 separate occasions, representing different birds each time, over the past 12 months! My discoveries were: April 29, and August 24 of 2009, and again on Sunday, April 18, 2010!

I never would have chosen this species as my "hook bird"; but it seems to have been my destiny. I certainly know much more about them now compared to my first request for help to the Utah Bird Community! ,,,

Itís been great fun; and now Neotropic Cormorants are being observed everywhere...

Best Regards

Richard B. Young

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         Photo by Richard Young

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