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10 Aug 2010
Antelope Island Causeway
Davis County, Utah

(E-mails from Richard Young, 13 Aug 2010)

...Today my wife and I enjoyed our first "Birding Field Trip"; and we did it with the Utah County Birders, headed by Lu Giddings.
Earlier, on Wednesday, Nov. 10, my wife and I photographed on the Causeway, at which time we captured images of an ‘unknown’ bird amongst Least Sandpipers and Killdeers on the north side.
My wife and I later concluded that it might be a Dunlin since the Beyers were scoping the same location from their car at the same time that we photographed; and they posted their sighting of 2 Dunlins.
This bird is somewhat nondescript due to its Winter plumage, leaving me unsure.
Therefore, I printed a copy of my file and showed it around during our field trip.
It was concluded, by three ‘experts’ that we had a Dunlin... (Lu Giddings, Jeff Bilsky, and Steve Sommerfeld...)...

Richard B. Young

         Photos by Richard Young

Winter Plumage
...Least Sandpipers and a Killdeer for size.

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