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22 Mar 2010
Near Saltair, Salt Lake County

(E-mails from Mark Mossing, 22 Mar 2010)

Took a drive out to Saltair and the Marina area today, as I was unable to get out over the weekend.

I saw two interesting nesting sightings:

There is a large Kennecott pond south across I-80 from the road that goes from Saltair to the marina.

About halfway between the two, you can see a small island (I call it a lump island) inside the pond with a small tree on it. There are GBH’s nesting in that small tree. It must be a small haven as I have seen as many as four GBH’s in the tree at one time. It looks as if the tree can hardly support their weight.

Just west of that island a short distance is a long narrow rock island that runs east/west. This island now has about 30 Double-crested Cormorants along with a lot of gulls. There are about 6-8 cormorant nests on that island.

You can see all this either from the road between Saltair and the marina or, if you want a slightly closer look, take I-80 west to the Tooele Exit and then come back east until you are next to the islands and pull off to the side of the highway (I used my flashers to let everyone know I was there, the speed limit is 75 along there and the cars and trucks are usually speeding by).

Enjoy your birding,
Mark Mossing
Draper, Utah

Photo by Mark Mossing


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