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Rose-breasted Grosbeak

4 Oct 2009
Dugway, Utah

(E-mail from Candy Zaffis, 4 Oct 2009)

After the storms this morning, a young 1st year male Rose-breasted Grosbeak stopped by the feeders. I see Black-headed all the time, but this is the first Rose-breasted. New Yard Bird for here (that makes 67 species this little desert yard). He stayed for several hours this afternoon, and posed for many good photos.

Candy Zaffis

(E-mail from Larry Tripp, 30 Oct 2009)

... The hotline photo of the R B Grosbeak on the home page isn't a hatch year male. It's an adult in basic ( winter ) plumage. A HY bird wouldn't have Black and white wings and tail and would look more like a female B H Grosbeak with maybe a few red feathers on the cheast. Even a 1 year old male would still probably show a few brown flight feathers which this bird doesn't seem to show. It looks like it is a after second year male. If you google hatch year male you can find some good pics.

I hope this helps.

A very nice sighting and a great yard bird!!!

Larry Tripp

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         Photo by Candy Zaffis

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