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A Mercurial Merlin or What?

11 Nov 2009
Kennecott Nature Center
Salt Lake County, Utah

(E-mail from Richard Young, 11 Nov 2009)

I was photographing at the Kennecott Nature Center of Murray again today Wed., Nov. 11, the same location that I made a bad call, saying I had photographed a 2nd merlin (one on Oct. 23; the 2nd on Oct. 30th). The second bird was later identified and posted as a juvenile sharp-shinned hawk by a birder who would know the difference. I emphasize again, that I m not a birder , rather a photographer who likes to photograph birds! So, today when I called up into a tree where a bird was perched, What kind of bird are you? , and heard the reply I m a Merlin! , I said, Oh, no! I m not going to be embarrassed again. Been there done that! The bird retorted I AM A MERLIN!, AND YOU PHOTOGRAPHED ME ON OCT. 23RD! LOOK AT ME CLOSELY! I admit the bird did look familiar I said, I'll tell you what If you will pose for me showing as many merlin features as you can . Really strut your stuff, I'll tell people I located you again, on Wednesday, Nov.11 at the same location and provide them with the image I take of you in such a position. The bird said, Fair enough . After the photograph, I thanked the bird and said I hope he didn't strain himself in such a strenuous pose. So, how about it, people do I or do I not have a strained merlin who wants you to know he s baaack? ...

Richard B. Young

(series of other poses of the merlin)

         Photo by Richard Young  

series of photos of the merlin

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