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A "Common" Day at East Canyon

Between 10 am and 1 pm
13 Oct 2009
East Canyon reservoir
Morgan County, Utah

(Message from Mark Mossing, 13 Oct 2009)

Spent a wonderful day today at East Canyon Reservoir. Saw more than several Common Mergansers and Common Loons along the middle area of the Reservoir between 10 am and Noon. Have several pics that I will post as soon as I learn to accomplish the feat.

         Photos by Mark Mossing

Red-tailed Hawk
"suddenly it flew straight toward me"
Common Loon
"middle of the reservoir and pretty far away from my vantage points on the shore"

Common Mergansers
"located about midpoint north to south on the reservoir"
Common Mergansers
"flying south to north through the length of the reservoir"

 Photos by Mark Mossing

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