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White-winged and Red Crossbills

Monday, 16 Mar 2009
Near Jeremy Ranch
Summit County, Utah

(Emails from Kimberly Roush,  16 Mar 2009)

I too awoke to what I swear was a White-wing Crossbill.  The white patches very prominent. Saw it through the scope but it flew off before I could photograph it. I carried my camera while walking my cat and one acre up came upon a flock of Red Crossbills.  Will download the photos tonight. I did not see the white-winged with this little group of one female and two male red crossbills.

I live in Pinebrook, a development on the south side of I - 80 across from Jeremy Ranch, just after the summit on Parley's Canyon. We are about 2 miles south of the highway. Lots of fir and non-native pines.

Kimberly Roush.

          Photos by Kimberly Roush


          Photos by Kimberly Roush

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