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Possible Tricolored Blackbird

Thursday, 19 Mar 2009
Holladay, Utah

(Emails from Pomera Fronce,  19 Mar 2009)

Hi Folks -

This evening I located a possible male Tricolored Blackbird.

The bird was in Detention Basin Park in Holladay. Take Murray-Holladay Road to 1590 East and turn north. The parking lot is on the east side of the road.  Follow this link to the google map:

The bird was seen on the southwest part of the pond and was about 20 feet east of the wooden railing. I watched the bird for quite some time. He had a set routine of singing from the tops of the reeds (along with a bunch of Red-winged Blackbirds), flying up into a nearby tree, dropping down into the reeds, perching back up, etc. The bird twice left the general area of the pond and flew southwest, but came back within a few minutes to the same place.

The bird was not shy and even with the fading light, I was able to get some  good photos which show the field mark that grabbed my attention - the white median coverts. Other field marks were not quite so obvious. I will send a couple of photos to Milt to post.

Others who observed the bird were Roberta Wherritt, Anne Halley and Owen Hogle.

I am going back to the park on Friday morning around 7:30. Would appreciate input/photos from any who have the time to check out this bird tomorrow. If anyone has some good sound equipment, a recorded song would be helpful. Based on what we heard tonight, the bird will likely oblige.

Thanks -


          Photos by Pomera Fronce (and one by Jack Binch)

  Enlargement of above
  Enlargement of above
  Enlargement of above

          Photos by Pomera Fronce

          Photo by Jack Binch

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