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Varied Thrush

Tuesday, 30 Dec 2008
Garr Ranch, Antelope Island
Davis County, Utah
(Emails from the website by Bob Bond,  30 Dec 2008)

Yesterday afternoon we found a female Varied Thrush in the trees south of the spring at the Garr Ranch on Antelope Island. To my knowledge this is at least the second sighting of a Varied Thrush on the island.

Bob Bond

(Emails from Richard Pontius,  31 Dec 2008)

I have attached 2 photos that I hope you can identify/confirm. The first is what I am almost positive is a varied thrush from Antelope Island yesterday. I saw this morning that a female has been sighted but I thought this might be a male-then again maybe I am full of suet! ...


               Photo by Richard Pontius



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