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Surf Scoter

Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008
Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

(Emails from Rick Fridell, 11 Nov 2008)

Hello Everyone,

Today (11/11), there was an immature Red-throated Loon at Quail Creek State Park (Washington Co., UT). It seems like most of the loons at Quail, and particularly the rare ones, hang out along the inaccessible far shore, however this one was quite accommodating and was in the shallow area near
the Quail Creek inflow. I spent some time photographing the loon and will send photos to Milt for the Utah Birds Record Committee. Sand Hollow State Park also had some nice birds including a couple Horned Grebes, an immature Surf Scoter, an adult Bald Eagle, and a young Herring Gull.

This evening on my way home from St. George I was surprised to see a single Cattle Egret in the Washington Fields.


Rick Fridell
Hurricane, UT

               Photo by Rick Fridell

Photo by Rick Fridell

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