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12 Jan 2008
Antelope Island Causeway
Davis County

E-mails from Carol Gwynn  15 & 16 Jan 2008):


Several people have questioned my report of winter-plumage Wilson's phalaropes on the Antelope Island Causeway last Saturday (which is good). I only have fair digiscoped images, since the birds were constantly moving and I don't have a DSLR outfit like Tim and Paul to take nice pics. So what you see is what you get. Since I'm not on a photo sharing site, this is fair warning that I'm posting a follow-up e-mail with some photos of the birds. So if you don't want to download them, feel free to ignore the follow-up message.

I welcome input on these birds. They might even be two different species, based on the photos. I'm not sure. So help me out, all you experts. . .


Shorebird images - Antelope Island Causeway, 12 Jan. 2008. I think we are dealing with two different species. Note that the right-hand bird has a scalloped edge to the feathers on the back, while the left-hand bird does not. There also seems to be a size difference and bill difference. Ideas?
Carol Gwynn

  Photos by Carol Gwynn

 Photos by Carol Gwynn

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