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What kind of Goose?

Wednesday, 31 Dec 2008
Glendale Golf Course
Salt Lake City, Utah
(Emails from Keeli Marvel,  31 Dec 2008)

Greater White Fronted Goose, Graylag, or hybrid?

I was hoping to get some opinions on a goose I saw yesterday while I was counting geese around Raging Waters and the Glendale Golf Course in Salt Lake. It was hanging out with a small group of Canada Geese in the Raging Waters parking lot. It looks less like a domestic and more like a wild goose to me from its size and shape, but I don't have much experience ID'ing geese. It doesn't have the large chest/belly like the domestics do, but it also doesn't seem to have the dark chest coloration or a white band on the tail like the field guides indicate it should, so I wasn't sure. Any opinions?


Keeli Marvel

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