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Glossy Ibis and American Bittern

11 May 2008
Bear River MBR
Box Elder County

E-mails from Jack Binch (12 May 2008):


I went to Bear River MBR with the target bird being an American Bittern. I was in the right place at the right time yesterday for sure. The bittern flew in front of me and landed on the other side of a little canal just north and west of the maintenance sheds. I got a few photos and he flew back north where he came from. I guess there was not enough cover.

Before the bittern I spotted a Glossy Ibis along the road just after the curves. He stayed quite a ways in front of me and was harrassed by a White-faced Ibis and then flew northwest and joined the other couple of thousand ibis north of the big canal...

Jack Binch

  Photos by Jack Binch

Photos by Jack Binch

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