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 Baird's Sandpiper in Winter

Monday, 29 Dec 2008
Antelope Island Causeway
Davis County, Utah

(Emails from Carol Gwynn,  31 Dec 2008)

I photographed a sandpiper on the Antelope Island Causeway Monday the 29th that wasn't a Least or a Western. Both Milt and Tim say that it is a Baird's. That was on my radar, but I didn't think it could be possible at this time of year. Sorry about the late notice. I've been cogitating over that bird for a couple of days. Didn't want to be laughed off the planet. . .

The bird was on the north side of the causeway between mm 3 and 4, hanging with a killdeer.

Carol Gwynn

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Photos by Carol Gwynn

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