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Red-necked Grebe

11 Oct 2007
Clegg's Pond
Orem, Utah

E-mail from Merrill Webb  (11 Oct 2007):


This morning, Thursday, I observed a single Red-necked Grebe on Clegg's Pond (as it is known by the locals)in west Orem. To reach the pond take the University Parkway exit off I-15 and turn west. At Geneva Road turn north (right) and proceed to next stop light.  Turn west (left) onto Sleepy Ridge Drive [1000 South]  (which goes to the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in west Orem) and travel for less than one mile to Golden Pond Way.  Turn left. This road goes past a black metal gate.  After two houses on the left turn south (left) onto a dirt road which takes you right down to the pond, which is between the road and the golf course. I had three different grebes in the same field of vision: Clark's, Pied-billed, and the Red-necked for easy comparison. There were golfers on the south side of the pond, but the grebes didn't seem to be concerned by their activities. I was able to get within about 50-60 yards of the bird and view it with my spotting scope. It isn't as brightly colored as the pictures show for the adult--probably moulting into winter plumage, but there is still enough red on the neck, especially on the back of the neck, to I.D. it as this species.

Merrill Webb

Photos by Milt Moody



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