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Red-breasted Sapsucker

26 January 2007
Lytle Ranch
Washington County, Utah

Email from Lu Giddings:

A red-breasted sapsucker was seen today at Lytle Ranch on a St. George Bird Festival field trip lead by Larry Tripp. The bird was spotted in the SE corner of the orchard, in a fruit tree on the fringe of the orchard and the mesquite bordering the orchard. It was seen in the same tree from about 8:30 a.m. until nearly noon. A few rather blurry photos were taken and will be forwarded to Utah Birds. A Bell's vireo was heard calling from the mesquite in the NE corner of the orchard. And crissal thrashers were heard calling in several different locations.

Lu Giddings

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Lu Giddings

Photos by Lu Giddings   ŠLu Giddings (January 2007)

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