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Philadelphia Vireo

9 Sep 2007
Jordan River Parkway (5400 S.)
Salt Lake County, Utah


Email from Jack Binch (8 Sep 2007:

Bob Huntington and I went to the Jordan River Parkway at 5400 South and 1040 West... We both got on what seemed to be a Warbling Vireo, but when it got out into the open a little it was much too yellow. We both got good looks at it for a few seconds at a time and the yellow on the upper breast went clear across. The lower breast went to a grayish and the under tail coverts were again bright yellow. The overall appearance was that of a Philadelphia according to Sibley. I hope someone else will get to see the bird. Right now it is not on my list, but I would say it is very possible. We stayed for an hour or so hoping to get a picture, but no. We did see it a couple of more times and both still think Philadelphia...

The trail is on the west side of the Jordan River. There is a bridge from the Murray Parkway and the trail north is just off of the bridge. Just about a hundred feet before the end of the trail that is stopped by a corral, there is a little open area with several olive trees and willows. This is where we saw the bird. We were there from about 12:30 to 3:15.

Jack Binch

                 Photo by Jack Binch


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