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Lark Bunting

21 Nov 2007
Hurricane Fileds
Washington County, Utah

E-mail from Rick Fridell  (21 Nov 2007):


Today (11/21) I finally managed to do some local birding. After observing Red-throated Loons, Northern Jacanas, and Crescent-crested Warblers in neighboring states, I was afraid it might be a little of a let down, but Washington County always seems to come through and is certainly one of the
premiere birding areas of the country. Waterfowl around the county are at peak numbers with 22 species observed today, and it was really too windy at Quail Creek and Sand Hollow State Parks to go through the birds well.

Some of today's additional highlights included:

Black Scoter - Female - at Gunlock Reservoir Lewis's Woodpecker - Pine Valley Town Northern Shrike - brown juvenile - along the drive into Baker Reservoir and the biggest surprise was a Lark Bunting on the north edge of the Hurricane Fields.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

Rick Fridell
Hurricane, UT

Photos by Rick Fridell

Photos by Rick Fridell


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