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Great Horned Owl

2 Nov 2007
4500 South and Highland Drive
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake County, Utah

E-mail from Roberta Wherritt  (2 Nov 2007):

On Friday afternoon, Nov 2, about 1:30 I discovered a Great Horned Owl trying to rest in the nature pond area of our condominium complex at about 4500 South and Highland. A Sharp-Shinned Hawk was harassing the owl which attracted my attention to the owl. I watched it for the next 45 minutes or so and the hawk eventually moved on. I have seen a Western Screech Owl in the nature pond area, but I had not seen a Great Horned Owl here in this area in the middle of the city. A couple of photos through the fall leaves are attached.

Roberta Wherritt
801 274-3058

Photos by Roberta Wherritt

Photos by Roberta Wherritt


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