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Cape May Warbler

16 Sep 2007
Red Hills Golf Course
St. George, Utah

E-mail from Larry Tripp (16 Sep 2007):

Today at about 10:00 am at the Red Hills GC in St. George Peyton Cook and I found a hatch year female Cape May Warbler. The bird is VERY drab and can easily be mistaken for a yellow-rumped warbler. Note the green rump and flight feathers, streaky sides and breast. Gray head and back and a little yellow in the breast area. The bird was also giving a high seet call. It was located in the willows just above the pond near the new dirt crossing. We called Rick Fridell and he also was able to see the bird and get pictures.

Larry Tripp

By Peyton Cook
By Rick Fridell
By Rick Fridell
By Rick Fridell

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