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Canada Goose Variant

23 Dec 2007
Dinosaur Nation Monument
Uintah County, Utah

E-mail from Clay Johnson  (24 Dec 2007):

 Hi All,

Things are slow out here…we got a bunch of snow, and temperatures have been dropping to around zero every night, rising to nearly 20 during the days, and not a lot of sunshine.

My son and I went over to Ouray Saturday…we saw lots of porcupines, a scrub jay, a bald eagle, red tailed hawks, 7 robins, white-crowned sparrows, a spotted towhee, red winged blackbirds, northern flickers, pheasants, antelope, a frustratingly brief glimpse of some relatively light colored big owl…and two nearly stuck Toyotas, one of which was our own. If you go to Ouray, don’t assume that the plowed, flat, road-like expanse is congruent with the underlying road; it isn’t.

This morning I ran over to the Dinosaur National Monument Quarry and Split Mountain for a few minutes, seeing only red tailed hawks and Canada geese along the river. I took one long-range photo of “goose-ends”…three geese in a row. In the photo, you can see that the center goose (which appears slightly larger than the other two) has a white forehead and more extensive white on the cheeks/head than is typical. I assume this is just a Canada variant, rather than a hybrid. I sent a pic to Milt.

Happy Holidays!


Photo by Clay Johnson

Enlargement of the picture above

Photo by Clay Johnson


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