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Black Scoters and Red-throated Loon

6, 7 Nov 2007
Panquitch Lake. Garfield County
Otter Creek State Park, Piute County, Utah

E-mail from Rick Fridell  (7 Nov 2007):

Hello Everyone,

This afternoon (11/07) I had the opportunity to stop by a couple seldom birded southern Utah lakes; Koosharem Reservoir (Sevier Co.), Otter Creek State Park (Piute Co.), and Panguitch Lake (Garfield Co.). Both Otter Creek Reservoir and Panguitch Lake held many loons and good numbers and variety of waterfowl. I saw 23 species of waterfowl between the locations. Highlights included:

Koosharem Reservoir (Sevier Co.)

Tundra Swan 6 - family unit; 2 adults: 4 juveniles

Otter Creek State Park (Piute Co.)

Surf Scoter 11 - adult male; 10 juveniles
Black Scoter 2 - female; juvenile  (digiscope photo)
Red-throated Loon - juvenile  (digiscope photos)
Common Loon 20
Northern Goshawk - adult

Panguitch Lake (Garfield Co.)

Surf Scoter 4 - juveniles
White-winged Scoter 4 - adult female; 3 juveniles
Black Scoter 3 - adult male; 2 females (photos)
Common Loon 35

I managed to get some digiscoped images of the Red-throated Loon and Black Scoters and I'll submit these and written records to the UBRC [2007-40, 2007-41, 2007-42] via Milt soon...

Best Regards,

Rick Fridell


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