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23 Aug 2006
West Point, Utah

Here are several of Paul Higgins' shots of the leucistic White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) seen in West Point, Davis County.

Kris Purdy suggests that this "new species" should be named the Dalmation Ibis (P. chihi dalmationii).  Here is her "more serious" analysis of the bird:

"The unusual ibis Paul Higgins saw in a field in West Point this morning appears to be a leucistic White-faced Ibis, as opposed to a White Ibis. The bird is flecked with dark on its neck, wings, and body including the underparts. The primaries and secondaries show no signs of black tips. The bill and lores are dark with no signs of red or orange."

"After seeing the photographs, I think this one is probably a juvenile due to bill, lore, and eye color and because the bill seems relatively short and blunt for an adult White-faced Ibis."

Photos by Paul Higgins

Photos by Paul Higgins

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