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25 Aug 2006
Antelope Island Causeway, Davis County, Utah

Keith Evans took a picture of a ¨Pluvialis¨ Plover along the  Antelope Island Causeway.  He sent the picture to Kris Purdy with the following note:

"Kris - Have American Golden Plovers been recently reported along the causeway? Attached is not a very good photo, but I'm trying to make it an American Golden instead of a Black-bellied juvenile. I photographed it on Friday (Aug. 25) afternoon. Thanks and good birding, Keith"

Kris commented:

"When I saw this photo, I immediately thought American Golden-plover and didn't give the Pacific Golden a thought--likely due to the low probability of one being seen here. That's probably a bad philosophy."

Kris says that this appears to be an American Golden-plover in transitional plumage, but invites discussion through the Utah Birdnet list serve.

     Photos by Paul Higgins

     Photos by Edson Leite

     Photos by Brian Currie

     Comparison photo by Pomera Fronce
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Photo by Keith Evans

Original photo sent in by Keith.

Enlargement of the above picture.

Photo by Keith Evans

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