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Great Gray Owls in Idaho
(See Snowy & Great Gray Owls)


Terry Sadler and Sylvia Gray have sent in more Great Gray Owl photos from Idaho.

The first one is a picture of impressions in the snow made by a Great Gray Owl plunging into the snow for prey.  The last two are close-ups of a GGO in a tree.

First Picture:
18 Feb 2006

"While watching a GGO in Tetonia ID, it flew down from a utility pole and plunged, talons first, in to the snow. It transferred the prey to its beak and spread its wings out over the snow before flying back to the pole. This happened at dusk. The next morning we (Pomera, Jack and I) returned to the same spot in the hopes that the owl would still be around. We didn't see the owl but did see these impressive markings on the snow where the hunt had occurred.   ~ Sylvia Gray

"Hunting impact site and feather impressions". by Sylvia Gray

Great Gray Owl by Terry Sadler (11 Feb 2006)

Great Gray Owl by Terry Sadler (11 Feb 2006)

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