Quail Creek Reservoir

Quail Creek Reservoir    by Merrill Webb    ©Merrill Webb

Dircetions:  Utah State Parks & Recreation  (Just east of I-15 about 13 miles northeast of St. George)

Description:  Merrill Webb's Description

     eBird Data:   |  Quail Creek Reservoir & SP  | (to the SE) Stratton Pond
         (just south)  | Hurricane -- SR9 WTP | -- Small Pond on SR 9 | Virgin River -- Partridge Circle Pond/Reparian |

Quail Creek Reservoir    by Staff Photographer    ©(June 2012)

Dam at South End    by Staff Photographer    ©(June 2012)

South-end Parking Lot    by Staff Photographer    ©(June 2012)


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