Mathis Park

Mathis Park    by Oliver Hansen    ŠOliver Hansen

Directions:  Take the Bluff Street Exit (6) coming from SLC. When you get off I-15 turn right and then left at the immediate stop light. This takes you to Hilton Dr. Go past hotel (used to be a Hilton Hotel) and several car dealerships and then follow the curvy road past Maverick Service Station over the bridge in the center of the South Gate Golf Course. Keep curving around past the driving range.....staying close to the Santa Clara River. You will take Dixie Drive.... past Tonaquint Nature Center and continue on that road until it goes past Sun Brook Golf Course. Immediately past the road to the left that takes you to Sun Brook...... there is a road to the right. It has white fence around it. Take that road. If you miss it you will go over the Santa Clara River.... and that is too far. You may feel you are going into a housing area, and it is, but there is a gate that opens and goes to Mathis Park.  ~ Marilyn Davis

Description: It's a little park but it's always full of birds, the best (in my opinion) being the Summer Tananager. I've seen owls, flycatchers, towhees, tanagers, grosbeaks, various sparrows and warblers, catbirds, a nighthawk, etc. ~ Carol Davis

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